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[personal profile] egret is asking for a recommendation for her syllabus and, while she and i share some connections, we don't share all our connections, and i think some of you who aren't connected to her may have advice.

In addition to the above, the book should appeal to young people of all races and genders.

See https://egret.dreamwidth.org/693279.html?mode=reply

I am a lousy reader. I also read ebooks so i have NO idea how long they are. But from my notes i can pull up these:

I have notes about Join, and can't recall it (clearly?): https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/680396.html Also don't know about "not depressing."

The Ancillary series is probably longer than desired?

Jemsin's The Broken Earth -- is that more fantasy?

Becky Chambers' Wayfarers series has great world building and is about identity in many ways -- seems good for younger folks.

Any other ideas?

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