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Gray and damp here. Misting, no significant rain. Solar-chargeable toys arrived and so they sit in the best window we have, squeezing current (maybe?) from the very filtered sun.

https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/webcam/Stelvis/1 shows a North Carolina beach.
https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/webcam/13000/1 shows an North Carolina estuary.

The 11:30 am Raleigh advisory removed our part of the county from the wind impact region; rain totals are still the same (innocuous).

At 6:18 pm, we had 0.37" of rain. All the pines are dry on the south side and wet on the north, consistent with the storm catching us on the west side of it's counter clockwise flow. I imagine folks before the massive weather forecast engines would recognize something like that as a different rain than the usual summer thunderstorms that blow in from the west.

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"My" HR person invited me to be her friend on the corporate wellness site. I replied with corporate email with all my crankiness about the program (and that i valued the live coaches). Then some random person -- i may have seen his name on a cc list or an org chart -- invited me to be a friend. I canceled my account after that.

In more healthy lifestyle obsessing, i've decided to use the app that comes with my phone to track meals. It has a nice nutrition "coach" that lets you know nutrients missed etc. Because of my concern about blood pressure, i am concerned about salt. And it was delighted with my salt intake yesterday. What about the chips i ate for desert? Not on there as contributing to salt. The nutrient data entered for the packet left out various elements - including salt - listed on the bag.

I'm a little indignant, and now recognize it's not just the home fixed foods but all foods that need a little checking to verify the data is right.

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