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Woke thinking about Charleston, the people who built the beautiful city and wealth inequity, the Gullah people. Read another horror about Amazon's use of contractors in deliveries.

Yesterday Christine went to the grocery store early to avoid any local urgent compliance with the Raleigh office of the national weather service's comment "Please have preparations completed no later than nightfall on Wednesday." At lunch we went to pick up my sister's two dogs, and they spent the afternoon with us. That basically went well, with some territorial growling from Carrie once or twice. All in all, everyone was good. Needed to keep the kitchen half door closed against the taller dogs' interest in the cat food, and Luigi spent the afternoon under the bed.

After work i drained more water from the rain tank: it drains very slowly. I would have thought the pressure of a couple hundred gallons of water would result in more pressure. I rigged additional hoses to the down spout diverters and routed them away from the hose. I don't think we are going to have enough rain to make this a worry but think of this as more of a rehearsal.

I looked at the brassica and wild grass seeds i collected. I had the bags hanging, hoping this would keep grain eating critters away, but there was a hole chewed in one bag. Nonetheless, a nice collection of the tiny native grass seed. I scattered some where i had cleared away the stiltgrass this past weekend. I mixed some of the brassica seed with rye, Austrian winter peas, and crimson clover and also scattered that in the cleared area. And i reseeded bare areas with both the lawn fescue mix in the sunny areas and creeping red fescue in the shade.

It's not heavy work at all, but i was dripping with sweat afterwards. My weather sensor recorded the humidity was 70%, making the 83° feel like 90°. That doesn't seem objectively miserable: i wonder about how much is me. I find if i'm the least bit heated -- dog leaning against me level, middle of the night when the bed warms up -- i flash to feeling extremely hot. I think there is always a trigger, and i believe i am past menopause, so this is some other issue. Unfortunately, it's hard to search and i suspect my new doctor will blame my weight and not listen to the fact that this is a recent change. I am prejudging the doctor, though, based on his final comment to me last autumn, so ... grumble. Anyhow i'm going to try and monitor lots of details for a while. Meals are fun. I thin i'll just try to be precise in 100 calorie increments when sorting out home cooked non-standard foods. I'm looking at you, home baked rye bread with imprecise additions of sprouted rye berries and sunflower seeds. And i'll track my blood pressure -- i've got a meter now. Before lunch (and just after unpacking the box) diastolic was a little high, but after lunch and sitting still for 20 min, the pressure is "green" and my phone's "stress" meter says i have no stress. Right after lunch when i was walking around the phone said i was very stressed. So it's activity?

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