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Morning included breakfast out with my sister and one of her dogs, then to the seed store (with my sister) where i bought lots of grass and cover crop seeds, then to Mom & Dad's (where my sister stopped by to feed her horse). I was a second pair of hands on call while Dad showered Mom without an aide's help for the first time. They survived.

On my way home i stopped at a roadside BBQ joint that also sells fried fish and shrimp. The giant platter in the environmentally unfriendly styrofoam boxes will be something to make meals from all weekend. I think i only had half of one of the two flounder fillets.

I picked some lemon grass this afternoon. I don't understand lemongrass. I've read https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/199963/how-to-cook-with-lemongrass/ & https://www.thefoodinmybeard.com/recipe/use-lemongrass/ and ... well, my lemongrass may not be as big and thick as the stalks shown there. But chewing on the inner tender bits: not that lemony. The sharp edged leaves seem more lemony. I'm drying some of the leaves and, since several recipes involved alcohol and lemongrass in making a sauce, i'm putting the tender bits of lemongrass in vodka. I'll see if that extracts the flavor and preserves the tender bit. Six weeks or so before the weather kills it: i'll be trying to pot some up to keep inside this winter.

I think the ice cubes in which i put green lemongrass, ginger, and holy basil will be a better way to use the herbs, although i am now cautious about straining the herbs out first. I plopped the cube in a glass of water and think i swallowed a bit of the tough, sharp-edged grass, and spent some time thinking about it being stuck to the side of my throat or slicing through tender tummy tissues. All's well, and lesson learned.

Instead of working outside i shopped online and puttered all afternoon.

Tags: cooking, f&f, mom and caa

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