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The sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes, are blooming. Helianthus tuberosus -- a sunflower i can grow successfully. And now i know why the okra near by are stunted: not because they were shaded out. Sunchokes emit a allopathic chemical that, apparently, affects okra. I'll need to be careful with the foliage disposal. Apparently to promote tuber growth one should cut the plant back to prompt tuber growth over flowers, which is exactly what i did in trying to get the okra some sun. There's at least six good weeks of growing weather: maybe i can transplant those two okra plants.

It's nice enough this morning to sit on the back porch and work. Or "work." I have been procrastinating, particularly by diddling around with some data analysis. ... and today with thinking about perennial gardening. I have found a place that sells Viola odorata plants! I've spent about the same in trying to start seeds. Given the pressure from the local violet -- it grows everywhere -- i can't just toss the seeds out (because i will get confused with all the other violets). This way i can establish some plants and weed out the native violets. I wonder if they will co exist with sunchokes? That could be a great pairing, if it works.

I got distracted because i ran across something called Turkish Rocket, a perennial brassica that one eats in a form like broccoli rabe and that reportedly doesn't suffer from insect pressure (or deer pressure). https://scottishforestgarden.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/turkish-rocket/

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