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News of dawgs and parents and 1619

The collie/borzoi was connected up with the distant adopters who had made the first contact. I remain unimpressed by the communication skills of the rescue folks. It's possible the director's European travel was part of the problem, yet leaves me wondering about the foresight needed to run a rescue group and the gap in foreseeing reasonable adoption situations and how to handle them.

Anyhow. I put a break on dog discussions until Monday. Then, in retelling this to my sister, she volunteered her dogs as playmates any time we want them. I think having her two dogs over once a week would provide stimulation and play for Carrie and help those pups who are home alone for a long time.

Friday i went to the pulmonary specialist with my parents, almost three hours at the doctors office. First was to get some breathing measurements and i insisted on going back with Mom. I am growing aware of the constant message of blame that her disability gets. What, you can't walk? Once the technician slowed down she was wonderful with my mother but at the beginning the technician's focus was on the tests and not the patient.

After the tests, the doctor spent a wonderful amount of time with us, listening to mom patiently, and really understanding everything. I am less anxious about the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis diagnostic because the doctor seemed to not convey urgency. This was caught early, long before her lung capacity was impacted enough to affect her need for oxygen.

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Yesterday i spent the apparently cooler morning inside, working on my message for Meeting today about 1619. I wish i had found this article early on: https://hampton.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24075/1619-Virginias-First-Africans?bidId= It's a very scholarly explanation of what is known from documentation. It is clear -- and agrees with what i had determined on my own. By 1619 Africans have been enslaved in Europe for 175 years and English aristocracy had enslaved Africans in England for a generation. The sugar-slave trade was well established. One of the ships bringing the first enslaved Africans used a Virginia town as its home port and was tightly associated with the previous governor.

After reading many popular accounts that assert the ships "desperately" needed supplies (implying the "barter" of supplies for the enslaved was charitable) and many suggestions that the first Africans were predominantly indentured, not in perpetual bondage, i've felt (intentionally) misled.

I've been absorbing the New York Times 1619 project articles over the week. They weigh heavily.

* A PDF is at

* more resources at

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We went to lunch with my parents and sister's family to celebrate my sister's anniversary and her son's birthday. The sum of those celebratory years just happens to match the wedding anniversary Christine and i will have this December.

After lunch it rained and rained and rained. I sat in my yard work clothes hoping it would clear, but no.

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