E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Adopting a .... collie/borzoi!?

So, Christine and i chatted about dogs. She’s interested in about 20 lbs of dog that will run and play with Carrie. I want a shepherd  or cattle dog.

We did a little research and decide we want a corgi or vallhund.

So, we have just applied to adopt a Border Collie/Borzoi mix that’s 65 lbs in a Cary kill shelter.


Right now Christine is engaged in utterly cryptic communications with the organization. They've sent something about cats, which i assume is about the organization not being interested in placing Elvira in a home with cats, but Christine has alternative glosses that are just as plausible. When we asked for clarification the response was even less clear.

HA, finally a response came in complete sentences -- and they say Elvira has no interest in cats. http://post.rescueme.org/19-08-21-00069 -- They also seem rather positive about us as a good situation for her.

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