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Quick notes before the work "Town Hall" that is not a town hall

Would you be interested in two cookbooks?

Emily Sarah Lineback and Moravian Archives (Winston-Salem, N.C.), eds., Preserving the Past: Salem Moravians’ Receipts & Rituals, 1st ed, hardback, Little Salem Book (Boonville, N.C: Carolina Avenue Press, 2003).

Amish Cooking: Specialties of Lancaster County, Soft Pretzels and Funnel Cake (East Earl, Pa.: Double Pen Foundation, 2005).

I've skimmed them. The Amish one is fairly contemporary. The Moravian one is intriguing, but making the effort to reinterpret the antique representations into contemporary meaning is a little beyond my interest.

Yesterday i worked from my folks' house. I grieve because i think Mom is not cognitively or emotionally prepared to put in the work to get better. Friday is the pulmonary appointment where we can learn about fibrosis.

I continue to feel very couch-potato-y, with continued hot flashes. This seems rather decoupled from menopause but i suppose that could be a cause. It is miserably humid outside. Ohio was pleasant compared to here.

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