E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Dull Travel Notes

Did not get the walk in, partly because i walked several times between buildings and had gotten my steps in just as i reached the hotel.

Christine's brother called her out of the blue, and as she had her nearby sister coming over to visit, she invited her brother -- who came! I celebrate this bit of sibling relationship healing. His second wife remains very uncomfortable with Christine, he obliquely related.

I didn't do much: i tried reading a Kim Stanley Robinson novel, Forty Signs of Rain, but just could not care. It's possible some of the gender musings turned me off, but usually i would be able to pass over that to get to a plot. Back from dinner i fast forwarded and episode skipped through Season 5 of Lost Girl, another series i haven't watched in ages that seems to have content i haven't seen: Season 5. I'm not sure scanning through did the series any favors.

Today at lunch is half-way through the trip, and tonight is a cook-out at the director's house. Maybe Thursday night i can "get things done." I'll probably buy a zappable dinner at the grocery instead of eating in the hotel restaurant.

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