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I'm visiting the Ohio office this week. I feel behind, and you all have sent me so many warm comments in the past few weeks. I've been crunching during the work day, and exhausted after. Over the weekend i was getting things settled for the trip.

We've seen the fawns and doe since the deer was trapped in the orchard. We also saw a Chatham rabbit the same day the fawns showed up again.

"Chatham rabbit?" you ask. Our county, Chatham, had a history of being a source of rabbit for the table. The familiar cotton-tail is branded Chatham rabbit, and the brand has been revived to apply to a coffee shop, blog, and folk duo. I saw another this morning in the car headlights as we left for the airport. Good to know they are around. Perhaps they are what eat the violets up close to the house.

Being in cube land makes me miss my window so much!

I appreciate the responses about the intrusive contracts for adoption. Just like cats and dogs, other critters need homes, including donkeys: https://donkeyrescue.org/ When we were moving we thought about getting bigger, furrier pets, and donkeys are wonderful critters. I'm less excited about the idea these days: why do the deer need competition for forage?

This trip is relatively relaxed -- not meetings all day -- so i have enough time to really miss being home. I hope to bestir enough motivation to get out for a good walk tonight.

Tags: critter watch, depression, travel

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