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An inch of rain fell last night. I think the downpour overwhelmed the diverter because the tank has about double the water from the rain before (which was about a half inch).

This June, i didn't accurately measure the rain. I think it was wetter than average, but someone helped while i was gone and dumped the tube. July was drier than average by an inch and a quarter.

Since i'll be in Ohio next week, and Christine's interest in fresh veg is negligible, i've spent the afternoon in the garden and kitchen. I got a few patches in the garden seeded: NNE - Lutz green leaf (winter keeper) beets and Clemson spineless okra (plus the existing sorrel and a corn stalk), NNM - okra and the miscellaneous mix of lettuces and herbs, and the NW border - more of the lettuce/herb mix mix plus Anuenue lettuce (a glossy, many colored lettuce that can germinate at high soil temp.)
I had pulled up some shallots that look successful-ish (if i get as many shallots as i planted i will be lucky, i think) from where i planted things. I then picked walking onions, very sad corn, green beans, insect damaged tomatoes, the few young okra, and herbs.

There are a few bell peppers that might be ripe when i get back.

I wasn't doing anything strenuous, but i was absolutely soaking with sweat by the time i came in.

I made a batch of pesto with sunflower seeds and one of my onions and tiny shallots instead of garlic (our household is less delighted with garlic than most). I blanched the basil by pouring boiling water over the leaves. Four small jars in the freezer. Two ice trays have tea herbs frozen in them: lemongrass, tulsi (holy basil), and store-bought ginger and mint and lemongrass . I'll see if this is a good way to make herb teas during the work day -- and into the winter. Then it was veggie time -- green beans blanched in boiling water with baking soda for three minutes, sliced tomatoes and the few small okra, and some of the corn.

While i processed herbs and vegetables, Christine cut a promo for a fundraiser for the radio station. I heard it over and over and over as she got it cut to precisely sixty seconds, mixing in music from the bands that will be at the show. I was thinking that she'd gotten one of the other radio folks to read the script, and on the umpteenth iteration i realized it was a synthetic Amazon voice.

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