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Today's distraction inspired by someone musing about adopting a pet. It's been a year since Greycie Loo passed on. Christine and i are gently poking around cat-or-dog. I am a cat advocate, thinking that the two boy-os might could use someone young around. That's when we got Greycie: after GreyBrother died, and GreyBeard and Mr M were looking at their older years. Greycie's the only cat we have ever acquired from an organization: they rescued feral cats from Moffett Field in the Bay Area. I don't recall ANY adoption form. (She's also the only girl-cat.)

All the other boy-os came to us from the neighborhood or friends.

These adoption forms have agreements that you will allow the shelter folks to come visit and inspect. I was surprised when i saw this on donkey adoption several years ago -- but apparently this is common now? One requires a "co-signer" if you are over 65 years old.

I can appreciate a foster group wanting people to consider all these things, but putting them in as terms of an agreement seems ... well, i find it off-putting that i am agreeing to include the adoption group in some of my decision making if i'm moving or other cases. I valued the "tell us about all the pets you have had and what happened to them:" that seems very valuable. Getting a reference from the family vet and a non family member: that sounds good. Demanding that you must monthly treat fleas and ticks is ... problematic in my opinion. In California, for example, an inside cat has no need of tick care. It makes all the sense in the world for North Carolina, particularly in this area with such problematic tick issues. Demanding absolute agreement, without noting any exception for when a vet may suggest that you do NOT treat and so on, is not a responsible way of expressing the expectation.

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