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94° in the shade,i wrote around noon.

I skipped meeting Sunday morning, still moody. In the early hours i ran the sprinkler in two sections, and later i got the trees watered. One can hardly tell it's had any water. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms Tuesday night and .75" of rain. Now Tuesday 2-6pm is 100% chance of rain with a total of 1.23 predicted. That would be nice. It's blowing out of the south today, lovely sound of wind in the pines outside.

I look at plants i think are dead and both hope the plants will pull through (because perennial roots can be tenacious) and plan how to replace them next year. I'm all over the place in my feelings about the yard right now. Christine reminded me that it's my creative palette and sometimes one makes a mess. That helped -- but also the palette is of living things.

I'm struggling with whether to invest money to start seeds inside next month: a set of shelves and some new (clean, strong, white instead of black, no holes) trays.

Sunday afternoon i spent in the kitchen: curried vicken chunks (from dehydrated "chicken" vegetable protein cubes and my dried tomatoes), slaw, carrot-pineapple-raisin salad, falafel waffle mix (made the falafel today), and a dehydrated onion-celery-sage mix. I used olive oil in the falafel mix this time, which definitely improved the final result.

The multifunction food processor is turning out to be useful. I think basil is ready to be whirred up with olive oil again.

Meanwhile, my nemesis 35mereld4 (Presumably anything bad is due to a nemesis, right?) hosed my monitor, and i spent all morning trying to restore a workspace and plan how to go forward. I am going to try to go to a sit-stand situation, hoping standing can be a little better for weight loss and ankle strength. I am worried i have misdiagnosed the issue, but the monitor is a hand-me-down, it's too large, and there's significant fraying on the cord. I am worried i will still need an external monitor, but the sit-stand frame i bought is strong enough to handle one.
All those "but"s are for me to deal with my second guessing. (Ha, moving the laptop just a bit towards me makes a huge vision improvement.I also scrubbed the trackball bearings and sensor with a q-tip. Also a help. Ah, and i moved the USB hub with the receiver: another improvement.)

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