E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I went off zoloft a year ago, tomorrow. It has been a success, i think even if (like yesterday) is still have to cope with down moods.

We observed the 50th moon landing anniversary watching The Dish last night: it's a sweet fictionalized story of the Australian radio telescope receivers used to broadcast the moon landing.

Yesterday morning i repaired some of the damage to the fence from the doe's throwing herself against it. She popped most of the lower zip-ties off the posts! I can't really fix the "dents" in the wire mesh, but the fence line is now secure. I worked in what i expected would be the cooler part of the day, before noon, when over half of the fence was in the shade (albeit, the majority of the damaged sections were in sun). Christine was doing a Saturday morning radio show, as she may begin doing twice a month going forward. I had the show streaming from the iPad in the middle of the orchard as i worked the fence, and the sprinkler ran.

I also did a little bit of weeding on the main berm that gets the most sun. Despite their now tattered state (thanks to Japanese beetles), i think growing the Brassica rapa as a cover crop kept the worst of the weeds from setting in. Catnip is thriving, with bumble bees and other pollinators delighting in the tiny flowers. So tempting to use it to fight the stilt grass, but it will naturalize, and then i'd want to get rid of it. I will have enough trouble getting rid of the Perilla, also known as shisho, a Korean & Japanese mint that is invasive. I unintentionally let the few plants we had last year go to seed, and i'm working to keep that from happening this year.

The perilla that grows near by smells more like chocolate mint than cinnamon, i think.

We had a thunderstorm park over us for several hours in the afternoon. A decent rainshower, but hardly enough to make up for the recent dry spell. I watered the orchard grass again this morning. It was quite dark, and the temperature fell.

Days are noticeably shorter now.

The "Better boy" tomato plants have out-weighed the stakes i had them on. I've a stack of green tomatoes to fry up with okra this week. Yummy brunch this morning.

I'm in a bit of a down. I don't know if it was

* forgetting my antidepressant yesterday (i took it as soon as i remembered),
* running the sprinkler for well over an hour in the orchard and realizing how little it did (thank heavens for the .14" of rain that fell in the afternoon);
* thinking about deer wasting disease, resurfaced as i read about emerald ash borer in the county.
* not getting things done in the afternoon
* the afternoon darkness
* the rain, yet insufficient quantities

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