E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

View from the window

Just watched a deer browsing & then go over to the treeline where her fawn joined her to nurse. Busy little tail! Also, the bearsfoot [some generic photos here] is now ten-plus feet tall under the tulip poplar, and it's blooming. The eastern tiger swallowtails adore the disheveled yellow flowers with a couple feeding on the flowers at almost all times. The native bearsfoot may not be as showy as the rose-of-sharon hibiscus trees we removed, but the butterflies love this as much -- and then the birds feed on the seeds in the fall.

In news i am not proud of, i participated in Amazon's prime day. Most of it was purchases i couldn't make near by and had saved in a list to make during the sale. That's a low grade action in disagreement with principles that i do all the time. The part i want to hold up to myself as "let's not make THIS a habit" is that i saved time by getting neem oil from the behemoth and not driving into town to get it. I promise to myself the next refill will come from the independent store (with no evening hours & closes at 3 on Saturday, closed Sunday) in town before i run out.

Tags: critter watch, goals

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