E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Hans and the scatterbrained baker

Yesterday at lunch i reread all the following steps for making the bread, but somehow missed the "And leave ca 6 hours into the warm place under a towel to rise." So after much wrestling with the large quantities of everything, i popped the un-risen loaves in the oven and baked them.

There was some ambiguity in the instructions about the dough consistency. You were to add flour until the dough didn't stick to your hands, but pour the dough into the pan. So i poured the mixed-to-recipe dough-batter into one pan, and then kept adding flour for the other three loaves. Loaf number one adhered to the side of the pan so solidly that it pulled the teflon off the pan. I cut all the sides and bottom off the loaf and tossed that, and the pan, in the trash. The three other loaves were made differently: one was made with dough i could sort of handle and plopped in a pan, another was made into a round boule and placed on top of grits in a covered cast iron pan, the third more loaf shaped and on grits on the pizza stone. A half sized cookie sheet with grits made for a perfect device to slide the loaf onto the stone.

I'm eating the bread from the pans first. The free hand bread has been wrapped and put in the freezer. The pan loaf is wrapped and in the pantry. The "wet" loaf with sides removed is in a tub in the fridge. I may move the pan loaf to the fridge: that's where the packet on the commercial pumpernickel says to store that bread.

The bread tastes a bit like grape nuts.

[Intense & long work day otherwise. Did chat with mom's occupational therapist.]

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