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I am groggy this morning, partly because i stayed up late watching Unlocked. I didn't pay attention to the beginning of the film while Christine was watching, assuming i would finish editing some photos and go to sleep. Then the action picked up, and i engaged. Reviewers seem to have not found the movie particularly good, but it seemed like a reasonable performance of a espionage/suspense film where the budget didn't cover outrageous locations, dress, and vehicles. What i delighted in was

* how the protagonist CIA agent and her collaboration with the head of MI5 were both competent and believable women,

* how the protagonist as interrogator succeeded by NOT being abusive but skillfully manipulative,

* how the person who was initiating the attacks is a "trust fund" convert to Islam and in general all the bad guys are privileged white guys,

* how only Orlando Bloom played the eye candy.

The only negative stereotype unsubverted was for Rottweilers. So, there's that. Well, i suppose the negative stereotype of the CIA as willing to sow death and destruction for whatever is not subverted, but it's left as "rogue elements," not policy.

My evening watching was meant only to include an episode of Good Omens which i am enjoying, fairly uncritically. I find myself speculating about how Amazon and Netflix, as studios, seem to be producing such visually lavish stories: i suspect a large CGI budget. The animated openings, including the glorious crown for The Crown to the more comic animation of Good Omens seem hallmarks of the studios, although i was fascinated how in episode 3 of Good Omens the opening credits run half way through the episode.

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