E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Thing i didn't know i needed: butterfly net

I have used the butterfly net three times in the past week and a half since returning from travel. Two evenings i scooped up flying bugs in the living room and evacuated them. Just now i scooped up a vole that presumably Edward had brought in and evacuated it (to the front of the property, away from my fruit trees).

I don't mind Edward eating voles -- outside. But this one looked (relatively) uninjured as Edward tracked it going back and forth along the base of the wall.

We have moths and other flying bugs in because they are attracted to the lights through the window of the deck door and, as Carrie comes and goes, the flying critters come and go as well.

It's been so easy to capture the critters and get them outside with the net. I'd gotten it because we leave the door open on the screened in porch for the cats to come and go, but i've used it inside more than in the porch so far. I think i could even scoop up a snake with it. Maybe. The rat snake that was in the house was quite large.

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