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For your fourth of July amusement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXZGsqy-sRA

I just startled a small herd of deer in the meadow when i went to dump the compost bucket. One was very visible and gave the snorting alarm call (which startled me) and then bounced away with those springing leaps to clear the high growth of wildflowers and grasses. Another darted out and i heard several more moving in the undergrowth. Perhaps this herd has been hanging about the house all night, and are what Carrie was barking at in the wee hours?

Yesterday, there was a snakeskin on the side of the house, running along the foundation with the head end stuck under the siding. Christine managed her discomfort with that observation, with the siding just on the other side of the wall from our bed, with aplomb. I explained how there was a sheet of insulation board between the inside of the wall and the siding. Snakes in the house: one was enough, no more please.

Carrie has been odd about going out the deck door in the evening. One theory is she is perturbed by The Toad who sits on the door sill, in the shadow of the interior lights spilling through the French windows. I assume The Toad is hunting. How they found their way up on the deck to hunt impresses me, but i guess they must hear the fluttering of moth wings?

Carrie's nighttime agitation disturbed my plans to wake early and get going outside. The will has drained away.

Last night i forgot to feed Hans, my sourdough yeast colony, but they seemed happily bubbly this morning. I did drop some blue berries in yesterday morning, so that probably helped. Next to Hans is the sprouter with the rye grains that soaked most of yesterday and spent the night in a thick layer around the side of the tilted sprouter. I also started some red clover sprouts too. I'm missing greens from the garden. I keep trying to repeat the year where i had such good kale and collard growth.

I bought oat bran at the co-op yesterday. Oat bran is remarkably more expensive than wheat bran. I figure i will try and make the recipe as written once and then move on from there, quite possibly going straight to "why add bran at all?" I do love how this bread recipe is written: "A few deciliters of oat bran." I guessed, looking at a liter bottle in the store that "a few" would be around a cup, and the internet confirms that.

[Day interrupts]

I did make the falafel waffles from https://www.mynewroots.org/site/2015/12/fantastic-falafel-waffles/ (well, a half batch) and find that it's missing the oil that it would have been fried in. Next time i'll use oil in the mixing of the dough.

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