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Lots of things backed up in my mind.

It's hot and dry. I'm trying to plan for the day off for the 4th so that i can be outside in the early hours. What i actually do then is open: I think the longest term benefit will be actually getting the water tank rigged up. If we actually get a rain storm in the afternoon, i'd be prepared.

Yesterday i was back to work: a little overwhelmed by it. A colleague laughed when i said i felt slow: we have a chance to keep up, she then said. I can take that in stride, i think.

Friday: harvested one sixth of the potatoes and felt daunted. Not the most rewarding return on the Dark Red Norlands. 1:2.7 lbs. I remind myself that my current goal is feeding the soil to get it more loamy than clay. Then there can be an effort to increase the nutrients in the soil. Then i might see a better response.

I'm growing sweet corn for the first time. The corn is tasseling -- the top pollinating "flower" has appeared -- but i don't see any ear development. "Tassels normally appear 2 to 3 days before silk emergence." [here]

I'd like to get some purple popcorn in on the 4th. I have enough time if i can find the room for it. What i tried planting in the drive circle suffers from not being irrigated and from being deer trampled, i think. There might be some sorghum or corn sprouts but what the deer might have ignored in previous years -- tender green shoots when everything was tender and green -- is probably highly attractive at this time of year.

The deer are eating everything tender except the stilt grass and the goose grass.

I read a book on foraging that included using grass frequently. I wonder if stilt grass or goose grass have any pleasant flavor notes.

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