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Morning in Sweden

The hostel I am staying in is apparently where my great great grandfather worked, making paper pulp from all the forests around. They would either walk the route I drove between Noli in Ekena:s on Lelang* lake and Gustavsfors ( Gustavs' Ford?) here on the canal.

Yesterday I watched the east coast islands of Sweden go by. Small homes dotted the shore, flags flying proudly on Midsummer, a nationa flag day. A terribly expensive taxi from the ferry to an urban neighborhood Hertz, where I had a short panic that I would be stuck. First figuring out how to get to the kiosk i trusted to be there, then that I had a creditcard the kiosk would take. That settled I risked the door code was single use to go to the grocery for a lunch. Caffine was a packet of instant co ffee in carbonated mineral water. Then out into the lightly travelled Midsommer roads, thank heavens. Five hours across Sweden including a break to call Christine and Mom.

Since I crossed at the same latitude I didn't see too much dramatic difference in landscape and plants. My cousins explain most of the agriculture is to the south which is flat (and presumably less dotted with glacial Erratics.) Various con ifers and birch es, meadows, and horse fields. Flowers - daisy s and larkspurs and then fields of lapine s.

I have apparently left the power converter . for wall to all my USB cables on the ferry. I powered my phone from my laptop last night and will likely turn things off. The car has its own GPS so I will usethat for the return. I was a little flustered on discovering the gap but - it will all work out I trust. Still...

The light is glorious so i will have a bit of a walk before breakfast before rejoining my cousins. They apparently had grown up hearing much of their American cousins. Photos and visits to houses and churches today.

I am so longing for home, but such a special visit here at the end. My genealogy booklet was a hit!

* a with circle above

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