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I am so lucky: i have wifi in this cabin! I'm on the 8th deck instead of the 5th, and i think i sense a bit more motion. There's not much. The purr of equipment persists, which seems odd. I thought one of the party lounges was below me.

I started the day tired, uncertain how i would spend the hours free in Tallinn. Despite my sore feet, i walked and walked: 16651 steps as of now.

I left the hotel about 10:30 by taxi to the ferry terminal. Traffic was a mess with construction. There i stashed my over-stuffed back pack in a locker. (Did i actually lock the locker? I was able to get my bag out without paying.) I set out, encountering even more construction. I had thought of returning that way, and i was glad to have dealt with the chaotic path early on. I am a little jealous of visitors in a year or so. The construction i encountered was part of the installation of a beautiful promenade on the coast. I got a little trapped: the path to a monument (built in 1902 in memory of the loss of the Rusalka in 1893), which had no exits back to the other side of the construction for a long way. I did have a sprite at the monument: it tasted very different. I suspect it had an artificial sweetener, but i couldn't see any indication of that. I persisted along the trail, and eventually ended up across from the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, site of the Singing Revolution in 1988. I find the thought of a nonviolent revolution quite inspiring and heartening.

From there i walked to the art museum via a little residential street Kuristiku which turned into a trail in the Vabakujunduslik ("Free-form Park"). [12:48 pm] I assume "free-form" refers to how it is meadow-like with high grasses. I found it quite lovely. At the art musuem the restaurant was closed, but the cafe was open. Iced coffee, falafel and a rum-chocolate cookie restored my energy. I considered visiting the exhibits, but i was weary and felt staying at the art museum would put some pressure on getting to the ferry on time. I wandered the formal gardens and the park for a while, and then fiddled with the phone. I finally got a response when attempting to get the usage statistics on my Orange Holiday SIM card: i have plenty of data to sustain my drive across Sweden. Relieved, i called Christine and Mom and my sister.

I took a bus from the park to the Rotermanni area: an area of urban renewal with old brick warehouses reused and glossy contemporary buildings built right next to them. It was just a little too hip and polished for me. I decided to spend the last hour in a mall next to the ferry terminal, and visited the Rimi hyper market. I managed to spend most of my last euros on a light dinner for myself (to add to the fine aged Gouda i had picked up a few nights ago) and some Tallinn branded sweets as gifts. No licorice.

[I swear the weather man on the Swedish news channel looks like and has the mannerisms of a young Hugh Laurie -- particularly the wry smile.]

Here on the ship though, there is licorice in large containers. I've bought some, and walked the decks enjoying the sunshine and long golden hours. We should be in the Stockholm archipelago when i wake.

Hopefully the music from the lounge won't keep me up.

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