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Saturday night

An advertisement runs on the TV: A young handsome father is reading the paper, young children run past him to where the beautiful young wife is reading the same paper on her iPad. The house interior has rustic Baltic charm. Husband puts down the paper and joins the family at the breakfast table where the brown bread is lovingly slathered with butter and lingonberry juice is poured with lingonberries dancing in the crystal pitcher. The family gets in the car, husband now wearing a pull over in the Estonia flag blue with traditional patterns, aerial photos of the car driving through birches and other trees, wind blowing the branches, then the family parks with other cars beside the road, joining a great crowd. The father lifts the son up to his shoulder and the scene shifts to the view of the filled Song Festival Grounds.

I tear up.

Curses, sentimental patriotic advertisements (for the local paper) works in any language.

OK, now the weather announcer is giving the weather from the beach -- she's young, blonde and in a bikini. I swear all the temps are in the Celsius teens. But today's high was 20°C (67°F), and i was so toasted walking in the sun in a sleeveless top.

The energy in the town was very festive. Today they are celebrating the first mention of the city in chronicles from 800 years ago. Perhaps that was why everyone was so festive, or maybe it's just that it's midsummer week and a lovely Saturday.

The year 2019 marks a milestone in Tallinn’s history: on June 15, the city celebrates its 800th anniversary, commemorating its first recorded mention in the Livonian Chronicle of Henry in 1219, where Henry of Latvia (Henricus de Lettis) describes the battle of Lindanise Castle (today’s Toompea hill) between the Danish King Valdemar II and the Estonian forces.

As all good things come in pairs, the city’s first mention is not the only reason to celebrate: we share our big anniversary with the Danish state flag, the Dannebrog. According to a popular legend, the red-and-white cross fell from the sky as a sign of support from God during the battle in Tallinn and secured the Danes a hard victory.

-- https://www.visittallinn.ee/eng/visitor/discover/articles-guides/tallinn-800

The fashion sense is diverse and creative where i was wandering.

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