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Adventures continue

Here are two selfies from yesterday: one waiting for the never-to-arrive bus near wild roses, the other departing Stockholm. I have failed to get any work done. I thrashed on where to be (cabin with no wifi, on deck?), how to pack, and so on. I hope the wifi will keep working for some time after the ferry docks. The preoccupation with settling and not being able to ... ah well. I expect that the trip back will be a little less befuddled.

I did sleep wonderfully. I woke only once to a very loud engine: perhaps leaving Mariehamn. My room was in the stern of the ferry and the gentle rumble filled the cabin like being inside a cat’s purr box.

I seem to have successfully dealt with jet lag with my day of walking around Stockholm.  I welcomed the breakfast buffet  at 7 am. The crowd at that time was mostly seniors and a few Asian families. I suspect jet lag with the Asian families.  The Scandinavian woman i sat with mainly ate fruit for breakfast: i wonder if it her choice was that of a diet or if the fruit was more of a treat than the many dishes laid out. I had the following

Karelian fish pie: no flavor, really. After yesterdays salad from the grocery store with so much salt in the tiny shrimp and the dill cream, i was surprised at little salt in the pie
Pickled herring, silky and fish-y, and lox, with pleasant intensity.
Tomatoes  -- surprisingly good with a tart bite of acid and some flavor --  and cucumber slices.
Spinach Quiche
Tiny popovers that looked like very puffed quarter (the coin)-sized pancakes: eggy and subtly sweet.
A wonderful dark rye bread (no gluten) with cheeses.
Lingonberry juice
Yellow label Lipton tea

I should have tracked teas so far although the most delightful were in the Air France lounge. The cafe tea (i'm on my second cup as i write now) is Teavana English Breakfast.

I still have a bun from the grocery store yesterday that i will likely have for lunch. I expect i will meet up with a colleague for dinner.

 OK, now that we are docked, let me work a little on the presentation. PANIC.


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