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My mother, grandmother,  great grandmother, and infant self (December 1968)

My mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and infant self (December 1968)

I spent so much of yesterday poking at my genealogy database, generating reports, cleaning up photos, and writing some notes up. I've a 50 page booklet I intend to leave at the family home in Sweden outlining the descendants of my great grandmother who was born there.

It was also wet and dark. Ugh. We've had a perfectly acceptable amount of rain, but other areas seem to have been hit much harder: the river was high and muddy as i drove to my folks' house.

Today we have M coming to clean for us. She seems a bit of a character, keeping horses, has cadaver search dogs and goes off periodically to do cadaver searches, as well as piecing together a group of clients who engage her not just for cleaning but handling all sorts of details. An odd jobs woman. Anyhow, we'll see if we get along. She's a strong personality, and Christine seems a little daunted.

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