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Threw some money at Christine's frets and bought one of those travel purses that have metal cords in the straps and metal mesh in the body and little carabiners on the zips to secure the closure from being eased open. Also bought some of those vitamin, immune system boosting drink tablets. Nuun makes another type of drink tablet with chamomile for "relaxation" which could be pleasant, so i splurged on that, too. This time next week i will be in Stockholm footing it around.

I finally finished listening to the audio book of Swedish phrases. The 400 actions and activities are presented in the style of "I wake up in the morning, I argue with the kids, I get a ticket for the bus, I am stuck in a traffic jam, I call the waiter, I drop my chopsticks." My favorite is in the "hanging out" section: "I clean up my hard drive."

I have to say, the fact that the only dining utensil mentioned is a chopstick is even more peculiar than the narrative phrases.

My sister has pointed out Google Translate to me: that's so cool.

I've picked up a few more language audio books, and have finally consumed the credit i had with Audible. I'm ensuring i've downloaded audiobooks i have had for years: Gormenghast and a history of Greece. The first i can doze to, something like a fever dream, and the narrator of the Greek history has sent me to sleep many times.

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