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From this weekend

Skipped Meeting Sunday morn and instead went and harvested seed heads from the best wild grass ever, Dichanthelium laxiflorum, open flowered rosette or witch grass. (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/24525837) I'll mow it soon to cut back all the seed heads and then won't need to mow for months. I scattered cut seed heads in places where i hope to encourage the grass along, and have more drying in the sun.

Christine gave me some very fun socks to wear on the trip, as well as a nice eye mask. One more weekend at home before the trip.

Saturday was spent mostly working. At the end of the day on Friday, i created a color palette based on the Estonian flag (boring color choice, oh well). I've learned how modify Google Slide themes and added a creative commons image from the old town of Tallinn and changed the color palette. When i couldn't bear looking at survey results any more, i made my own clip art for "collaborative research" and played with the WordArt.com wordle.

I thought a little about the days of overhead projectors. This much fluff (layout, graphic design) falls under a certain computer-driven loss of productivity. I read about this ages ago, in the 90s i think, an analysis of how much time was spent fiddling with margins and fonts and layouts that hadn't really feasible if you were working from a typewriter. I could have stuck with a plain black on white or white on black slide theme....

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