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No news re the nodules in Mom's lungs. She came out of the thoracic procedure extremely thirsty and apparently coughed much yesterday. I've got the CT scan results: the presumed primary area hasn't changed size in two weeks, and her heart which was "mildly prominent in size" two weeks earlier was deemed normal. I've been buoyed by the doctor's absence of caution around the fibrosis, and now realize that she might have lung surgery while i am out of the country. Oh. Well, we will see.

Christine asked about what would happen if Dad's mother needs him while i am out of the country. Exchanged brief messages with my sister over that and should be able to set Christine's mind at rest regarding that.

Christine had a nightmare about the compost bucket: i should see if she's anxious about visiting the worm bin while i am gone. I think i will find some vegetative matter to harvest for them and leave them with a bin of greens and shred paper for the two weeks i'm gone. I'll think of a place Christine can dump the coffee grinds if she wants to not trash them while i'm gone. Otherwise, i rather think i'm the main cause of vegetative scraps.

We split the first blackberry from the orchard. There will be a second, but almost all the other flowers seem to have not set fruit, or they aborted during the dry May weeks. I ate a very young green bean: no where near as pleasant as grazing on peas. Maybe tomorrow i'll dig a few more potatoes and have green beans. I can finally see black walnuts forming in the trees

Yesterday evening i went to Apex to meet up with a colleague who attended the Code4Lib conference at NCSU. She wanted Eastern NC style barbecue and i tried to find a place. I'm not sure a place that sells lavender and lemon kombucha is an appropriate place from which to order eastern barbecue. As i perused the menu i realized that if i wanted to do a meat trial before traveling, this was the best time and place. So i had the chopped pork BBQ. And meh. My colleague said the meat was A+ but the sauce was completely underwhelming. I was not impressed with either. Christine & my's eastern barbecue tuna is excellent. I find i really don't miss the meat and i will be happy to avoid it in the future. The good news though was that i have had no physical reactions, so if i do get a dish with meat in Tallinn or Stockholm by accident, i won't be risking misery.

While we were there, a thunderstorm dropped rain, then dramatically large hail. (Golf ball sized, my colleague from Houston pronounced.) As i drove K-- C-- back to the campus hotel, fog rose from the hail accumulated at the edge of the road. On my return home i hit another squall line, the sound of the hail on the roof of the truck was quite dramatic. The clouds created an early dusk. Rain was so hard i could barely see, so i quickly pulled off the road and waited for it to ease a bit. By the time i got home, the squalls were past and the sky quickly brightening. Wer'd had a half inch of rain while i was gone, but no damage that i would expect to remain after anything like the hail i saw.

I watched far to many episodes of Lucifer while i waited for Christine to return home.

It's been three years and a week since we arrived from California.

Comparison photographs of the view off our deck

Top: photo my sister took when she inspected the home before closing. The summer undergrowth hadn't taken off yet, and it's clear that the owners had done some clearing off the deck to sell the place.

Bottom: Today, with a very similar view of the deck railing, window box with miniature roses, and the cluster of black cherries to the left. The thicket of young trees on the right is gone.

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