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No news re Mom: more tests. Somewhat frustrating, but perhaps we should have inquired more into the purpose of the appointment. (And additional scheduling fails -- as in failures to communicate to other departments that Mom should have certain tests -- added to frustrations.)

I've questions out and Mom's biopsy is this afternoon. I presume the earliest we will hear anything is tomorrow.

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Wednesday morning i was on the back porch, which has walls up to waist height. I could hear a deer making an alert chuffing/honking sound but, when i stood up, i couldn't see anything. A short time later, i heard Luigi yowling. it sounded like he was inside and complaining to be let out. I was annoyed: i didn't want him waking Christine and he has his own door. I headed towards the house door to the deck and then realized, he was making a ruckus at the back of the orchard. And there was a doe, watching him as he waled towards her. Noisily. She seemed to decide the noisy creature inside the fence was good reason to slip into the woods.

When i told Christine later of 'Uigi's fussing, Christine speculated 'Uigi wanted to know how she got outside the fence and how could he get out, too.

--== ∞ ==--

The Virgina stock (Malcolmia maritima, native to Greece and Albania) has bloomed in a few places. It might be successful enough to reseed or, perhaps, some of the seeds will germinate next year. Wikipedia notes, "it is probably one of the easiest of all plants to grow.[citation needed] " Hrumph. I have trouble with alyssum, too, another mediterranian brassica, of which https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/alyssum/growing-sweet-alyssum.htm says "Few annual plants can match the heat and drought hardiness of sweet alyssum." Also, hrumph.

I think i'll hold off on any more low growing Mediterranean brassicas and just celebrate the yellow mustard-like spring blooms of rapeseed and the turnips.

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