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This morning i had the first pot of the summer tea blend, with juniper and grapefruit. I am cherishing lingering in the dark bedroom, Christine dozing, and cats returned from morning constitutionals. I think i am conserving energy: yes, projects await but since Friday morning, i just putter. I do not want to exhaust myself and not have energy for the coming weeks.

I have laundered all the things, and have almost all the winter weight clothes put up. I photographed some of the items before i packed them away because i failed to remember what i have out of sight and then felt i need items i actually have. I do like the switch between seasons, with the "new clothes!" delight when unpacking items. I think minimizing just how much of a switch is necessary at the end of a season will be better, so this fall i will refrain from putting up so many tops and will figure out some way to make the bulky warm things accessible.

I packed and then unpacked clothes for the coming trip: i don't need wrinkles to set in. I am segregating the items off, though. I do wonder about the weather, but i've decided that if i'm not warm enough (as i look at highs in the upper fifties through the next two weeks) i will buy myself warm things. I'd rather be cold and welcome brisk walks to warm me, than warm and sweating as i stroll about.

Here, it continues to be quite warm. There was a thunderstorm that blew through in the early hours of Sunday morning. We got a quarter inch of rain, while my folks must not have gotten much. I noticed cracked soil as i walked across their yard yesterday. This is the first month since last June that my measurement of rainfall has been less than the county average for the month, by an inch and a half. Drought conditions are occurring to the east of the state. "It's not fair!" Literally, floods or drought.

I'm not sure how my breadseed poppies are going to do this year. The plants that have sprouted have been so small and slow. I suspect the heat will melt them and the one borage that has sprouted before i see flowers. My pepper plants seem well nibbled by bugs and unhappy. I'm not sure how i have let them down, since i provided a nice dose of worm castings when i planted them out. The tomatoes and potatoes all seem quite happy. Green pole beans have reached the top of the trellis and purple blossoms are open. The okra i bought also looks like it will flower soon.

I think i'm going to go out and see if there are baby potatoes and move the few flower starts that have made it into the ground. Then try to get some work done.

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