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Four weeks from now i will be in Tallinn. I spent a good bit of internet time yesterday exploring what i might do there. I am arriving in the morning by ferry, with all the Saturday to spend in the city before the Sunday through Thursday conference begins. I'll have most of the following Friday to explore Tallinn, as well, before boarding the ferry back to Stockholm. I've found the flea market in the "creative city" is only on Saturday, so my first plan will be to head there. I don't normally buy gifts when traveling -- but it's been a long time since i traveled somewhere that might have distinctive shopping possibilities.

I also spent a little time looking at my good camera which i have not been using. I cleaned off the memory cards, and started looking into instructions on how to use it. I don't like the default light levels it exposes for when it is in aperture priority mode. I'm not sure why it seems so different than the camera i used to use. I learned to shoot ("expose to the right" aka ETTR) so that you pushed the photo to over-exposure but not so much that you blew out the highlights. The washed out digital source file contained all the details (unlike film would behave) and one could reduce exposure of the bright areas and still have detail in the shadows. I've been having a hard time handling the camera that way.

Christine recorded her radio show at home, finally using the "on air" light and her microphone set up (with a wall mounted digital display of the script) that she's been so delighted to create as a home studio. I'm hoping her show and her networking will put her in contact with people she might collaborate with.

I did a tiny bit of yard work, the heat having started up after a week of divinely pleasant cool sunny days. I could resent that i wasn't in a place where i could maximize those days, but as you friends have advised, i am being as gentle with myself as i can be.

I'm trying not to grieve prematurely. I have to remind myself there are no symptoms from the "nodules." It's not like with sweet Greycie Loo, where we didn't know about the cancer ravaging her spine until after she was showing symptoms.

I also am unable to find outrage over the outrages going on in the country, the political world, the planet.

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