E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Procrastination notation

Started late due to getting off a call with my sister at 8:15. She tends to anxiety (like our mother) and was very anxious about our parents. The root of the trouble seems to be something her son said to her about how busy she is as part of his very teenage, callously expressed but fundamentally compassionate mother's day wish. I was in a good spot to talk her down from her alarm about our parents and to comfort her about her overwhelm.

Then i read the internet, not even all, but left a long comment about plants.

Similarly, last night i wrote in praise of my favorite native grass and this morning got a belated condition monitoring report (mainly list of plants in bloom) out this morning.

In the background i have been building up the work angst, while thinking a little about depression vs anxiety. I eventually made friends with my depression. I'm not sure i could make friends with anxiety. Admittedly the self doubt i have been grappling with is a type of anxiety, but it seems to take a different form than the type i watch others grapple with.

Around 10:30, i dug into work, and it's 6:30 pm and i am still going. It's lovely outside and i did move to the porch to enjoy the fresh air.

Tags: procrastination

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