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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 6th, 2019|07:23 am]

Before B-- and K-- got here, i noticed the sweet corn was sprouting in the garden along with a few sunflower seeds. K-- recognized the Egyptian walking onions, so that was cool: i will need to send some onion sets to them along with a variety of sunflower-like tubers this fall.

Wednesday night we recovered from B-- and K--'s visit. Thursday we fixed dinner and took it to my folks -- all the lettuce in the salad was from my garden. Yesterday evening we had my sister's family over, including her two dogs. Carrie and her dogs got to have some fun play time, and i got to show off our orchard area with its lush fescue lawn. My niece did cartwheels and everyone (but Christine) seemed to have a good time.

Christine was bugged. I think we'll be digging out all the woodchips that are under the picnic table and replacing with pea gravel.

I tried to keep very relaxed this weekend. I feel overwhelmed with work and just not up to pouring myself into the yard.

Saturday I spent time keying out what the grass is that i like so much: Dichanthelium laxiflorum common name "Open-flowered witch grass" or, as i call it, best grass ever. I also watched hours of "The OA," given B--'s recommendation, and read a light mystery novel.

Yesterday i skipped meeting, and spent time as usual at my parents. This time getting a new keyboard hooked up to Mom's computer.

I've filled out my first "condition report" for the weather service, weekly observations to help understand the weather conditions across the country. https://www.cocorahs.org/Maps/conditionmonitoring/ is where one can read them. Mine is ridiculously long because i wanted to note everything in bloom. I'll keep doing it, for myself at least. It's a way to regularize those observations. I can add notes during the week as i notice things.

I discovered there's a firefly citizen science protocol: https://www.massaudubon.org/get-involved/citizen-science/firefly-watch/how-to-participate I can't decide about participating: on one hand, firefly populations are important to me. I love their magical displays. On the other hand, i've loved the rawness of standing in the dark in the evening and just listening and seeing what little glimmers i can observe. To add observational fuss seems just another thing.


[User Picture]From: tx_cronopio
2019-05-06 11:33 am (UTC)
"observational fuss" is a good way to frame it...sounds like a way to turn something joyful into a chore.
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2019-05-06 11:51 am (UTC)
I am so good at doing just that. As i watch my mother obsess over tidying her house as the thing she "enjoys," i do acknowledge that joyful experience isn't something i was raised to do....
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[User Picture]From: tx_cronopio
2019-05-06 12:09 pm (UTC)
My brother and I were talking about this yesterday, about the fact that sometimes we don't spot these patterns until we are well up in age. At least I didn't.
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2019-05-07 11:18 am (UTC)
That sounds like you might have had a good interaction with your brother - i hope so.

I was lucky that i was depressed enough to begin therapy in my late twenties. It's helped reveal some of these patterns earlier. I put "lucky" in scare quotes initially, but removed them: i am thankful i did get help earlier. I don't think i could be here now without it.
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