E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

A three day weekend

I'm hoping i'm rested after a three day weekend. I tried to be open to that. Christine had elephants. I had gardening doubts.

Friday i did some shopping, running by the thrift store in a fortuitous trip to get rid of some stuff we'd been accumulating in the front room (my work space, the guest bed, Carrie's room, and piles of boxes still unsorted from the move). We have our first company coming, so getting a little bit out of the way is a win. At the thrift store i found a few clothing items for myself that seem useful. Then i went on to the farm store and ended up buying far more seedlings than i expected. I have an unlabeled set of pepper plants, and did i really mean to get four jalapenos?

I have so many solanaceae in the garden: peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. To rotate... well, i suppose i could manage a two year rotation, except i have second year potatoes coming up in places that are supposed to be potato free.

Flat has ... 12 containers?

1 & 2 Better boy (south) and roma tomatoes (NW border hill) with other 'maters, and in s border, middle
3, 4, & 5 three types of bell peppers (SME + SMM)
6 & 7 jalapeno and mystery pepper (SW border)
8 & 9 basil (between tomatoes and a the previous peppers)
10 celerac between roselle (SMW)
11 & 12 red okra (NW border, east side, fewer peas.)

Plus 2 4" post roselle (each with two seedlings - only one pair did i successfully separate; SMW)
Plus 2 4 packs of swiss chard, in the bean shade

I looked at some photos of my garden from last year: the poppies were much further along and i did have better luck with the brassicas. But the garden looks so much more attractive this year. Last year there was so much bare dirt, and i've been so aggressive with various forms of mulching this year. Pine needles, woodchips, straw, and (least attractively) cardboard cover the ground. Maybe, maybe, i'll be able to keep the weeds at bay.

Saturday morning i think i'd not slept well? Or was up too late? But first thing i started looking into some research for work. I'll need to write that up today. Trying to rest for work ... not sure i was am it right.

In the yard i worked on the north berm -- i'd bought tons of seeds for it lst year. Scattered some of the seeds that i'd chilled for two months in the fridge and became certain of failure. I'm trying not to give in to that feeling. At least i've weeded. I mowed as well, but did not sharpen the chipper blade, which is a chore that is stopping Christine from going at some trees with the loppers.

In the evening we went out to meet [personal profile] annie_r for dinner and a movie. Annie_r's pick of "Amazing Grace" -- the live performance recording of Aretha Franklin's gospel album -- wasn't something i would have normally selected but i did enjoy it. Christine said i was beaming during the first half of the film. (Not sure why i wouldn't have been in the second half.)

Sunday i cooked for meeting, went to meeting for business the first time since Mom's stroke, and worship. Home and puttered a little before going out to take my niece a belated birthday gift and chat with my sister, then a long visit with Mom. She was going through a pile of news paper front pages she has saved: Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy assassination, Apollo moon landing, Agnew's resignation, and the release of Nixon's tapes. She (and separately, unknown to each other) and Dad were both in Key West for the missile crisis. Mom has a page of notes she wrote to herself -- she refers to Castro as "that bearded nut."

Christine is doing a radio show on https://wcomfm.org/ Sundays at 6 pm Eastern.

Sundays 6-7PM @WCOMFM. The Buzz at the crossroads of emergence & innovation in music/sound in indie spaces + Creative Commons. " -- @BuzzingSound

I sat in the backyard, listening and relaxing.

We have surprise houseguests on the way. I'm hoping Christine won't stress too much.

Plants that are blooming include:

Star of Bethlehem. It looks lovely in the grass, and i am less worried about the cats eating it. To fight its invasive nature, i am picking it from along the driveway for bouquets.

Lyre leaf sage: i love seeing purple stands of it by the road. I want to try and collect seed this year to intentionally create some stands where the love ground cover will be welcome.

Sage: it's clear why the only distantly related lyre leaf sage is called "sage" as i watch the purple blossoms in the window box.

Blue eyed grass: and i'm finding more stands! I should ponder how to use it more intentionally in the landscape. The clumps i saved from the orchard clearing process are HUGE now. Removing deer predation makes a difference.

Red (Eastern) Columbine, including the plants i've grown by seed by the front door and in the S berm

The 'Daina's Delight' pitcher plant has two buds, one which will open today

Zizia aurea or Golden Alexanders: there's a beautiful clump now on our road frontage, and the transplant from eastmost road frontage (where i cannot find the property marker) is thriving on the north berm of the rain garden.

Also the azaleas in front of the front room, miniature roses, peonies, buds on the irises. Lilacs have just about faded with the bright red azalea. The pink blooms on the saucer magnolia are hidden from sight. Dogwoods are done. (Blight may have taken a branch of the one out the bedroom window).

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