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Yesterday's Procrastination

This morning [Tuesday!] i learned about glycerites and glycerine in cooking. Apparently glycerine can act as a preservative, is used in icings like fondants and in granola and protein bars.
Glycerine doesn't cause insulin spikes [here] and used as a sugar free sweetener [here] It also is the solvent for alcohol-free extracts.

I'm pondering using glycerine to extract the flavor from lemon balm. Sounds like it would be straightforward to then mix into teas and seltzer. The use in protein/granola bars sounds intriguing; i'm finding references but since it's not a common home ingredient, not many recipes.

I'm pondering my very productive sage plants. It has occurred to me that dehydrating sage with onion and celery could be useful. I can't quite decide on cooking the sage and onion in advance. Sauté with
butter or oil? Blanch? Dehydrating celery generally would call for blanching. Then there will be shallots, sooner or later: a shallot sage powder could be a delightful seasoning.

There are some herbs i've been successful with but i don't really use that often. Rosemary and sage are challenging texture-wise and having them pre-processed would make me more likely to use them. All the mints.... by the end of last summer i was picking a little to make my own fresh tisanes. Anyhow....

I planted lots of sunflower seeds [Monday] evening. I have no idea if they will grow. I have blamed all the previous failures on deer. I suppose even smaller critters could be eating the seeds, too. I thought sunflowers fell in the "easy" list. Well, i'm trying again.

All this is procrastination. I am feeling better than i did [Monday] thanks to the miracle of antihistamines.

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