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My message to Mom's friends

I hadn't written a news update since right around the time Mom came home:

[Mom] and [Dad] seem to be settling into their new patterns well.

[I am] currently getting the visit plans from the therapists, some who make arrangements to come the same day. The visits are generally a couple times a day from some combination of the three therapists and the aide. We seem to have a regular visit sometime between 1o to 11 am, although sometimes the arrival is a little later. The second visit varies, although i try to schedule just after lunch 1 or 1:30 pm. [Dad] has J--- coming in to be with [Mom] on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday late afternoons into the evenings so he can run errands.

If you'd like to bring over dinner and visit with [Dad] and [Mom], [Dad] would appreciate you making plans in advance so he doesn't plan a meal for that day. He's developed a spreadsheet with the different meals he likes to cook that then populates his grocery list for the week.

[Mom] seems to be recovering from the lack of interest in much that took over her while she was at The Oaks, and she's no longer watching CNN all the time. A speech therapist brought over Our State magazine one visit, and that inspired Mom to an outing with Dad where she rode with him to the grocery store and waited while he ran in to pick up a copy. She seemed less pleased with the magazine when i saw her on Sunday: too many ads. Early on the speech therapists mentioned to us how reading materials need to be clear without distracting fonts and images. The visual clutter of all the advertisements probably makes it too hard for her to negotiate the magazine on her own. When i tried to engage her with a book of North Carolina photography from their bookshelves, she sent me home with the book (because i recognized the plants). Even before her stroke, [Mom] was trying to find homes for their many books.

What i have been doing when visiting is showing [Mom] photos of my daily life (pets and gardening). She will be delighted to hear your stories of what you are up to and to see photos on your phone or tablet. Meanwhile, [Dad] gets a chance to either do paperwork or a little yard work.

It's not clear how much of her disinterest in her history and biography books ais due to vision issues: she has a neurological ophthalmologist visit in early May to see if there are stroke related vision issues or if simply she needs a different prescription for reading glasses.

[Sister L--] and [Dad] finally found [Mom]'s phone, so she will soon be available at her mobile number. (It is a flip phone, and doesn't support texting easily, and no media images.) Her iPad is charging up so she can use the stroke recovery software on it. I've tried to set them up with Apple's iCloud Photo sharing system. If you want to share an album with them, use [Mom]@gmail.com. That should display a message on the iPad for them to see the photos. NOTE: no one is checking email at [Mom]@gmail.com. [Dad] is just beginning to have time to glance at email and facebook, but I don't believe you can rely on him reading email at his email address yet.

Thanks for your care, calls, letters and prayers,


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