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Monday Morning:

I'm disappointed that i may have done a bad thing to my baby apple trees in my selection of the fungicide i sprayed to fight the cedar-apple and quince-apple rusts that are bright orange on the cedar trees at the moment. Ho hum.

Last week was a blur of intense work days followed by busy evenings. Saturday was all yard. Yesterday was a mix of Meeting and a visit with my parents and then mowing.

I took Carrie over to my parents and as i was leaving, she looked longingly at the pasture. I let her run -- and she was so delighted and did not want to leave. Christine's had this issue leaving the dog park. I got in the car, started the car, turned the car. She kept her eye on me but continued to frolic. Finally i went inside to get a treat of some sort. When i came out she was at the fence where she could see the door. She went back to her frolic but FINALLY came when i offered the cheese. In good news, she seems to respect the fence as a boundary!

At home i mowed. I ran down the battery on the electric mower, but had finished the fescue grass by the time that happened.

20190405 weeding, particularly Asteraceae-Cichorioideae-Cichorieae: Youngia japonica. In black walnut zone replaced Y japonica with Asteraceae-Asteroideae-Heliantheae: Zinnia elegans (cultivated) (var "dwarf cactus" & var "cut & come again"). Planted soaked Fabaceae-Faboideae-Phaseoleae: Phaseolus vulgaris (pole bean) var rattlesnake.

Sprayed copper for Basidiomycota: Gymnosporangium clavipes
Sprayed neem for Aphids

Soaked the Fabaceae-Faboideae-Genisteae: Lupinus polyphyllus (Russell Lupine) seeds then spilled at W corner of deck. Planted Tropaeolaceae: Tropaeolum majus (nasturtium) var dwarf jewel (mixed color) from Ferry-Morse around edge of “deck triangle”. Scattered reserved for deck triangle spring seed mix. Scattered reserved for orchard along the south sides of berms and bare areas. Scattered Lamiaceae-Nepetoideae-Ocimeae: Ocimum tenuiflorum or O. sanctum (holy basil) (seed from fall’s dried plants) along E orchard fence' zigzag fence, near the twins, near Johnson Keeper apple, and at W end of N berm.

The high humidity is mixing with the pine pollen to make -- polog? Plog? Nastiness. We should have thundershowers tonight, which may help a little.

Tuesday Morning:

Boy, did we have a DOOZY of a thunder storm. First power loss of the summer season, from 5 pm to 6. We lost power with the winds that blew in first, and my, was the pollen billowing around, being blown off the deck and billowing out of the pines. Then came the rain: it was lovely to sit with Christine on the front porch.

My Amazon order of these light up lids for regular mouth jars arrived and i assembled a few while sitting on the porch. I'm delighted with them, and i look forward to the arrival of the hooks for hanging them in the yard. We've a variety of old LED yard lights on plastic stakes in various states of disrepair. I feel this solution will allow for easier repair of broken components and minimize the plastic impact. I'm going to see about liberating a few more jelly jars from my mother's collection. She has sent me home with boxes of jars in the past, but i mainly took the large mouth jars.

We had a half inch of rain in the hour, creating standing water in places and a stream, almost, on the east side of the house. Christine had made progress on ditching around the back porch, a step we need to complete before i install the rain cistern. Once we have the porch downspouts draining to the east of the house, the pooling behind the house will be mostly resolved, i hope. There may be just a little more ditching to do to divert the run off from up hill.

I do hope that the seeds i scattered on Saturday had found some purchase in the soil before this event.

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