E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

FRIDAY: Wow, that's a grey sky.

Weather has been variable today. We had a downpour at dawn, and at lunch it was warm and bright (still more or less overcast). The violets and dandelions were all wide open. I picked a salad of loose lettuce leaves, sorrel, miner's lettuce, and Austrian pea shoots for later tonight, adding a small poesy of violets and mint leaves. I popped a dandelion in my mouth, enjoying the sweet hint in the lettucy-bitterness. For lunch i picked sage, onion greens and some of my "broccoli rabe" -- two lovely purple top turnips came up so that may be part of dinner.

It's pouring now.


First, fie on the temperature. I woke to 28°F on the heat pump thermometer. A couple hours later it had warmed up considerably. It had been predicted to just get below 40°, so i was surprised. I'd left the green house windows open and orchids (that may have already been killed) in the car.

Yesterday i picked up the last two shrubs i had ordered: two Arapaho blackberries. As i told Christine, i exercised restraint and only made two impulse purchases: four cabbage starts and a Yaupon holly. I killed one some years back by not planting it promptly. This one was in a seedling tube and i broke off most of its roots when i pulled it out. I've gone ahead and planted it: maybe it will survive.

Yaupon hollies are the only native North American plant with caffeine. Some part of my interest is simply drug related.

At home, i planted while Christine went to her nephew's wedding with her sister. Once i had things in the ground, i went to my parents house. My goals were to get Mom's study so that she could go in there when she gets home, and to remove all her pants from her wardrobe so that we have one argument over the pants being removed instead of multiple battles of will over what to wear. It took all afternoon, but her study is not longer a storage room and she go in and do things.

I started watching Netflix's Umbrella Academy on Friday, and last night - -waiting for Christine to return home -- i binged on the show. It's rather complicated and intriguing, more adult and more engaging than i expected.

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