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Rain. The Haw crested at 15.13 ft this morning at 5 am. Brooks Creek was near top of banks last night. There were so many puddles yesterday. Somehow, even with the .93 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, the puddles have gone down. I've recorded 4.14 inches of rain for the month, surpassing the average rainfall of 2.89 in. And it's still raining. This afternoon and the next few days should have sunshine before another front washes through.

2/16/2019 07:10	0.32
2/17/2019 09:50	0.31
2/18/2019 12:41	0.39
2/19/2019 12:10	0.00
2/20/2019 08:13	0.33
2/21/2019 07:58	0.59
2/22/2019 08:47	0.48
2/23/2019 08:25	0.79
2/24/2019 09:16	0.93

I went through all my seed yesterday and have a plan of sorts for the garden plot. My data structure for planning isn't quite right yet, but it's close.

I am learning. I'm fighting the temptation to order seeds: just one type i am missing for fighting the stilt grass. I've binged on buying so many seeds since we moved here, particularly on the deeply discounted seed packs in December. I've learned what doesn't currently cope with the clay: no radishes, no carrots. I'm beginning to get a sense of direct seeding vs starting. I know how important thinning is for the poppies. And i know drying is a good way for me to preserve veggies for myself. I am happy to throw dried veggies into a pot for lunch.

I should probably make the seed order soon so i am not tempted. I've already talked myself back from pepper seed, and i'm now tempted by a wild tomato selection. This year i intend to start lots of perennial flowers from seed. In coming years, i can do the tomatoes and peppers.

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