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Another long weekend, another gap in journaling

Forecast was for rain all weekend, which would make the soil too sodden for certain steps in gardening, so i took Friday off. The south end of the garden plot is now fenced and therefore i could uncover the greens and lettuce that have overwintered. I did much puttering about in the despite the wet.

Today the beech tree, two shrubs (Carolina allspice and a viburnum), and a native rain lily arrived. On Saturday, i'll be picking up more "bare root" plants, although i think these are just cuttings to be rooted. At $2 each, i assume they are simply cuttings.

Given my experience with rose of Sharon stakes rooting in the garden, i put some apple cuttings in as future supports (or at least location markers) for breadseed poppies. While apple trees aren't native, they are also a welcome "wildlife food" plant and pretty, compared to autumn olive. And with climate change, there's no chance apples will become invasive around here.

So, on the gardening to do list

plant today's deliveries
spring seeds in flats and fall seeds stratify in the fridge.
rake pine needles from drive to put around the island
potatoes available some time middle of next week for planting.

Carrie was too ready to eat the chickens, so no chickens for us yet. We'll need to build a safe place for them outside the orchard aka dog run. My sister took the chicken coop off our hands and it will be a "love shack" for the rooster Sriracha and the long time family hen Lily. All her cohort had died off and apparently she wasn't thrilled by the new six Swedish hens and rooster my sister got a year ago. When we brought Carrie over, eventually we decided it wasn't going to work, and we'd just have Carrie run around with my sister's young dogs. We round up the chickens, starting with the new rooster going into a dog crate. The Swedish hens were rounded up, but we couldn't find Lily -- until we found her on the deck next to the rooster in the dog crate. It's sweet to see critters bonding like that.

I became blue on Sunday -- possibly due to the gloomy weather but also feeling guilty about caring for my mother. My aunt is spending whole days with her, and observing issues (unsurprisingly) with the care location. My sister pointed out how we are in this for a long haul and we can't put our lives on hold - nor would Mom want us to. (My brain counters, "Aunt J-- is in this for the long haul, too.")

Christine has had a now-rare elephant event, so having both of us un-cheery.... Well, i just need to focus on ensuring i am doing what i can to take care of myself.

Tomorrow is the date Dad said he would start investigating getting mom out of The Current Miserable Place. He said he wanted to talk to someone with the home health rehab program, which worries my sister and i. I hope he's just trying to be prepared for Mom to no longer progress at subacute rehab, and not planning on withdrawing her.

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