E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Four day weekend

Friday: I think i did some chipping. I know i went into the NE small block of woods where Duke Power cut down many small trees to get to the large (about 2 ft in diameter) dead pine. I found the cherry tree they cut down so one less gripe about Duke power.

My brother came over with his middle son and daughter and we had a lovely time hanging out. The middle son is an athlete and so ran around with Carrie, possibly tiring her out. There was chatting about Dungeons and Dragons. All in all, a pleasant and warm visit.

Saturday and Sunday slipped away with grey skies, and time spent looking at seeds. I am about ready to go seed a few flats. I don't know how the flat that needs to stratify will do. The weather seems ready to give up on frosts and freezes. All the seeds i planted on Tuesday a week ago need some chill. My thoughts have an undertow of "Too late! Too late!" which isn't entirely accurate. Natural systems are diverse, and there will be seeds that need less and seeds that need more of whatever condition. Planting late isn't optimal, but the seeds that need more of the cold will be in the seed bank for next year. The early seeds will germinate. I planted some tulip bulbs at random depth in a berm on Sunday. The bulbs had already begun sprouting. Ah well, the main goal was to donate to the girl scout troop selling the bulbs in December. I did buy some plants: a beech tree to plant in the new gap in the woods, plus a few other natives to plant around the glade as we cut back the autumn olive and scraggly sweet gum. And the local farm store is selling "sticks" to use for rooting.

Yesterday was a family day, inadvertently longer and more draining than expected. Good news is that Mom might be able to move to a closer, more aggressive with therapy rehab center in two weeks. Also, my sister in law, of whom i gave an unflattering recount in last entry based on her Monday night conversation at dinner, has been hired as law faculty in Singapore. I am so relieved for her, as i think her lack of engagement in her profession was eating at her soul.

Thinking about where to plant peas, poppies, borage in the garden. Waffling back and forth on various garden layouts (but at least i have a plan for the potatoes)g. Finishing fencing the garden. Whether i can use sweet potato in the driveway circle as an edible ground cover that can defeat the stilt grass. Should i move the plants that survived deer, rain, and stilt grass into the orchard to be protected from deer and stilt grass?

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