E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Mom was very sweet when i saw her on Friday night, thanking me for the "party." (And, boy was she REVELING in Roger Stone's arrest). We watched a NEtflix downloaded NCIS and a silly cat video (yay, i now know how to download youtube videos to the iPad to watch with Mom). I that seeing her in the evening means she's probably tired and DONE, so i shouldn't assume her attitude is all i see. But she doesn't seem to have any focus on healing, no interest in thinking about her therapies. I am brought down because i don't know how to pry her from CNN and hating the place.

Well, not my job. I just hate the thought of Dad paying for the level of care at home we saw we needed from the brief four days.

In good news, she's getting an emotional therapist. Yay.

Anyhow, that all just exhausts me. Today i was distracted by SyncMate, an app of which i apparently became an "Lifetime Upgrades" owner years ago. At some point it became ineffective in synchronizing data between the mac and the android phone. I checked on it today, though, and wow -- it seems to work again. So, if my phone will stay bluetooth connected long enough, i will eventually get music on my phone (which i have just punted on for ages) and i will get photos off (which i have done clumsily for a long time).

I didn't visit with family today -- my brother's family is here from Singapore. I think instead of going to Meeting tomorrow, Christine and i will sit in quiet for a while.

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