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From my sister, at 7:30 am yesterday. Ashe and Leo are their young lab-Aussie cross dogs.

Oh my... crazy night. Ashe got her jaw stuck in Leo’s collar and strangled him. I went to urgent care for an accidental dog bite (from detangling them) and Leo was at NCSU vet ER until 12:30am. Good news: he is all fine! But the two of them think the other was being mean and they are wary of each other :(

It was terrible

And the two of them all timid around each other breaks my heart :(

[My niece] came with to the urgent care. I just wanted antibiotics on hand and to get it cleaned proper.

I talked to my sister later in the day, got details on strangling that make police procedurals look sanitized, and offered to bring her clan pizza for dinner. Which we did, although she was away at a work dinner. Conversation with her family is always lovely. And her spouse mentioned how horrible it was despite watching many police procedurals.

The dogs were friends again when we saw them. It turns out it was sequential medical visits, first to urgent care while T-- & W-- stayed home to monitor Leo's behavior and wait for the emergency vet to call back. Then the emergency vet was a little panicked and sent my sister off to the ER, where the ER vets were much more sanguine about the situation.

Meanwhile, email from my brother, 1 pm ish: "Sisters - pls warn dad that our flight is being rescheduled. I will send details once they reroute." There weren't any details that i saw last night, so i don't know what has happened there. He had a flight leaving JFK for Raleigh just about 5 pm. I recommend to everyone who flies https://flightaware.com/miserymap/ A time lapse of radar weather data across CONUS is superimposed with graphs for each airport or city indicating the amount of flights and the fraction delayed and cancelled.

Off to work at the coworking place this afternoon and see mom this evening. I keep telling myself that this is prying me out of my hermit crab home, and the region won't seem so distant and unfamiliar once i'm done. First Chapel Hill grew much closer. Now Raleigh, which i hardly knew as i was growing up, despite school and college there, may become a little more familiar as opposed to unconnected vignettes glanced out back seat car windows when i looked up from a book.

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