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In other news

Felt down, depressed yesterday. I visited Mom on Friday and again on Saturday with my niece. Mom wants out and is almost paranoid about the place where she's staying, saying that they don't want her to have cards and art on her wall or for her to use crayons.

I left a note but will call today to try and talk to the occupational therapist. Mom needs to learn to manipulate her environment (TV remote, bed controls). She also needs to be up in the wheel chair more (although i'm not sure if i've just seen her during resting hours).

As an antidote, i made mom a stroke recovery journal. It's a work of plagarism, more or less, assembling tips on stroke recovery from one web page with various "wellness" practices like gratitude and questioning negative thoughts, loving kindness practice, and psalms and some bible verses about healing. Two weeks, eighty pages. It's better than any book i could find, and inspired (and cribbed) from a number of wellness workbooks.

Tags: depression, mom and caa

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