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Happy New Year!

I woke to a list of new addresses from my father for the news letter about my mom. So, i added them and then i wrote a note to the list:

This has been the wettest year across much of North Carolina, and i look outside at more drizzle this morning. I think about how much Marie and Ross enjoy road trips to the mountains and the beach -- and i remember i need to fill out the handicap placard request as part of my belief that they will be back on the road, visiting from mountain to sea.

Yesterday I visited Mom along with many other friends and family. She was delighted to be up in her chair, and sentences slipped out when she wasn't too focused on what she was trying to say. She will still have therapy today and tomorrow, despite the holiday, and i know she's finding it tiring and demanding, and perhaps going just a little fast. We're thankful UNC is such a leader in the southeast for stroke care and trust that they push because it's proven to be part of the improvement process.

On Wednesday, L---, Dad, J-- (Mom's sister), and I will all get training, going through the three rehab sessions with Mom (occupational, speech, and physical rehab). Then we will have a visit with the doctor and the case worker. We've been getting communication a little piecemeal, so we are excited to getting some clarity about expectations. We have heard a few different things about discharge dates (The 8th? or the 9th?) and whether a decision has been made for her to go home or a non-acute rehab location. While this is still uncertain, we do suspect that we will be able to accept more practical help and support at the time of discharge, especially if that is when Marie returns home. We wonder what equipment we may need or want to acquire -- borrow? buy? -- and what sort of accompaniment Mom will need. A family member has recommended finding out if medicare or other insurance will cover any disposable products. As those are state-by-state regulations, we'll need to find out what North Carolina offers. L--- and [i] are planning to work from Mom & Dad's home a day (or more) each a week in hope that we can successfully accompany Mom while continuing to work as the case worker has said that Mom will need 24/7 supervision by family. We hope to find out what that means on Wednesday.

We continue to be thankful for the love and support of our family and friends,


Responses! I didn't mean to prompt quite so much advice today, but wow, did the new people on the list provide some feedback. One person seemed to have had quite the traumatic experience in a residential rehab facility.

I declared email bankruptcy shortly after Mom's stroke and have been able to get to zero first thing in the morning except for today -- but i just replied to all the well wishes. It's a new habit, and it might be good for me to reply promptly instead of waiting until i have just the right mental state to be thoughtful. It seems, perhaps, a thoughtful reply isn't as hard as i thought it was.

--== ∞ ==--

When i saw Mom today, she got out almost a complete sentence. I really do hear improvements day to day.

We had a nice dinner with my dad and my aunt tonight with the take-out eggplant parmesan from our favorite restaurant in town.


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