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Sunday had sunshine; Monday means a move

I'm spending time managing information flow -- receiving emails of concern and drafting a message about what's up to go out to a list of family and friends.

Today i stopped work around 2:30 because i'm feeling sick. I meant to take a nap, but i've been phone call - text - email gal. I'm not complaining: i can do this. I also spent some time trying to figure out when my mom fell when she and my sister's family and i were walking near my mom's house. I can't think of unique enough search terms to find it.

Here's the mailing list announcements, with appropriate redactions, from yesterday and today

Sunday had sunshine

Today they became a bit more concerned about Mom’s cough. They have given her a nebulizer treatment several times and then gave her some stronger pain meds for the afternoon. She has had a lung X-ray, and we should know by tomorrow how her lungs are doing.

Her most critical health issue is eating and getting her appetite back.

Brief medical details: the hemorrhagic stroke on Wednesday evening, 12 Dec, occurred in her left parietal lobe. https://www.neuroskills.com/brain-injury/parietal-lobes.php Writing and perception can also be affected along with the difficulty speaking. Her right arm and leg are weak. The stroke is due to a condition that is only becoming understood well in the past decade, cerebral amyloid angiopathy: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/000719.htm . This condition brings a risk of stroke, but the doctor has been clear that there isn’t a sense that we are “expecting” another. She’s stable and we are focused on recovery.

Monday means a move

There was no reaction to the X-ray, so going on no news is good news, we assume the worry about her cough has subsided. If you've been around Mom, you know she has a chronic cough that has troubled her for years. If the nebulizer treatments resolve it, that will be a delight.

And she did eat well: salmon and green beans last night, an omelette stuffed full of veggies this morning.

As Dad and Mom were waiting for the move, Mom made sure Dad collected all of the things we've brought for her over the days and nothing was left. (I'll admit to double checking in the bed tray made it.) He said she was able to say, "I'm going!" And when i chatted on the phone with her she was able to say "bye" when she was done with our conversation. [My sister] also had some interactions today where she felt Mom was very clear in making her wishes known. [My brother], taking the overnights, has slept through sharing his stories. -- which hopefully would be that Mom was sleeping soundly.

Mom's rehab starts tomorrow at 8 am the on-site acute inpatient UNC Rehabilitation Center that is CARF-Stroke Certified. We don't know the schedule yet, but we expect that between the work, eating, getting vital signs and neublizer treatments she'll be busy.

Dad said he was able to talk to the neurologist in the rehab unit today about how after Marie became numb and right after her fall, Mom was able to answer questions cogently -- but when she got to the hospital she was not. They discussed that it is quite possible the hemorrhage was in response to the fall, and the numbness just an extreme Transient Focal Neurological Episode. Dad also points out that the doctor who diagnosed her in the emergency room may not have known about a terrible fall Mom had about six years ago: perhaps the micro-hemorrhages were due to the fall and not CAA? We know that right after she had her MRI the comment was made that they could see the damage due to the fall. So we speculate.

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