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If i never hear Camelot again it will be too soon

Short news: i am doing OK, we're feeling a little more optimistic as Mom has gotten some rest and food. It's a long road of rehab ahead.

Thursday night in to Friday morning was awful. Mom woke around 1 am and spent the next five and a half hours trying to crawl out of bed. She'd had so little sleep, so little food -- i was despairing. And i played Camelot over and over. (I actually don't know if i ever got through the whole album. My iPad seems stuck on shuffle.) Christmas instrumentals lost their charm. I did find an Amazon music Brahm's lullaby playlist that seemed to calm me, at least.

When i returned Friday lunch time to relieve my Dad and newly arrived brother, she'd slept some, and i drafted a schedule for the afternoon to try to keep her awake so that she would sleep all night. It took an hour to wake her, but HGTV did the trick. Mom did so much construction finishing during my growing up - painting inside and out (two story exteriors!), installing tile floors and counters, finishing wood floors and stairs.... It was meaningful to see her attend to ripped up sheet rock and falling ceilings. We also had an explanation for her awful night: she had a urinary tract infection.

Friday to Saturday night my brother took the night shift. He's from UTC +8, so the night shift in UTC -5 isn't so bad. Yesterday we siblings and Dad all had lunch together, relieved by sister L's sister in law. My brother reported Mom had a very good night's sleep, and when i joined her after lunch -- wow! How much better she seemed. She's so expressive with her face -- emotions and the less damaged right brain, i guess. But her communication is still hard and i cried at least once struggling to understand.

I read to her comments people left on my Dad's facebook post. I have no idea who some of the people are so i didn't read EVERYONE's comments. The time Dad spent on Facebook was a little tension between them, so i didn't want to drag that up.

Anyhow, we hope she can quickly be moved to the intensive rehab unit -- partly because once she's in rehab we're hoping our presence isn't so needed. And i guess that's where i am pondering. Does she need us 24/7? I'm hoping tonight's data point will align with Friday nights: no, the nursing care is sufficient for overnight. Does she need us during the day? I'm bringing in a lap try today to see if with things in her lap she can make her own choices to amuse or care for herself.

Oh, she was such a reader. I'm so sad that she doesn't seem to recognize words.

Anyhow, if you happen to know of books you would recommend about stroke recovery that are available via Audible or a recorded book on Overdrive that is something i'd appreciate. It looks like tons of Heartwarming and Inspiring Stories of Recovery are available, but i will have no patience with repetitive or slow narratives.

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