E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

24 hours later

Mom had a hemorrhagic stroke last night.

I had therapy yesterday and talked about the CAA diagnosis and a variety of things, including the grief that surprised me upon understanding the CAA diagnosis. After work i was talking to my sister about mom's diagnosis and what we should do if the CAA diagnosis that was on her 1 Dec ER discharge papers wasn't discussed with us. While we were talking, we were interrupted with the news that Mom had collapsed and that she was being taken to the ER.

Christine fixed me a sandwich to take in the car and i got stuff together to go. My sister, who had been driving home, was well ahead of me in getting to the hospital. I arrived at 7 pm (by the timestamp on the photo of the garage level & row) and got to the skybridge to the hospital just as my dad did.

He told me the story of how Mom's whole side went numb, longer than the the previous Transient Focal Neurological Episodes, he went to get somethings together, in the moments he was away mom fell, possibly striking her head on the tile floor or the coffee table. He thinks she was trying to stand up. He called 911, and the EMTs were there before he finished the 911 call. She didn't remember falling.

We met up with my sister and spent only a brief time in the ER waiting room before joining Mom at her bed. I explained the CAA diagnosis from Dec 1st. She continued to be unable to move her right side, and she couldn't clearly communicate. Shortly Mom was admitted to the neurological ICU.

The ICU visitor room waiting had a major failure to communicate so we were all there until almost midnight waiting. We did have a brief chat with the trauma team, but they were interrogating us: they had no news. Apparently, no news is good news. Eventually, i found i could call the ICU and got permission to go back. After talking to the nurse, i could bring my sister & dad back. I spent some time while my sister & dad dealt with some vehicular and meal issues, then my sister spent the night. I left at 1 am.

I was back at noon to relieve my father and be present to talk to the neurologist. He confirmed the CAA diagnosis -- and he underscored how uncertain everything is. Know what her wishes are, he underscored. (Later, Dad says they both have advance directives.)

The general prognosis is the rehabilitation work post stroke: addressing mobility and communication.
And I find I am pessimistic. She has avoided challenges the past few years; i wonder if it is part of the onset of dementia? I suspect the strong will I remember may not be there anymore. Can she motivate herself anymore?

I am staying tonight, listening to musicals to help her fall back asleep after the countless interruptions.

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