E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Complete distraction yesterday

I was delighted for sunlight blazing over the snow yesterday. The icy temperatures overnight (low 20s) hardened up the snow and slush to slow the melting, and it didn't warm up much despite the bright clear skies. It was cold again last night, so we have another morning of bright snow shimmering in the rosy sunrise.

Despite the sunlight, i rebelled against getting to work. I don't know how much is me worrying about my parents. I spoke with them Monday to find that their long stint without power had, despite the fireplace they have used in the past, let my mom terribly chilled. I realize what they may be realizing: a mild discomfort in the past can become a risky health situation now. They went off to find a hotel room outside of the ice and snow zone, towards the coast, and then ran errands at the military base in Fayetteville yesterday. (Dad is retired Navy reserve, and thus has access to the discounted groceries at the base commissary.)

Mom's appointment this morning is just another test, an electromyography study, and Dad waved me off from coming. My sister was feeling one of us should be there. But i think the person we would be comforting would be my father, as he waits for the test to complete. I don't think he needs that sort of support: he is pretty self sufficient in entertaining himself and anyone with whom he converses.

I did walk with Christine (who was having a bad day herself) and Carrie (who probably missed chase time these past few days) at the community college track, which was mostly clear.

I did not work on the tea towels.

I have really turned the tea towels into a monster and need to get with it.

I'll try harder to get myself together today at work.


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