E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Monday, the crescent moon and Venus were brilliant in the predawn sky, casting shadows. It was a warm morning, following Sunday's unseasonable humidity. This morning i was out a bit later, when the sky had grown light but the moon was in the same place and Venus higher. There's some high clouds, and the weather was a good bit crisper.

Only oak leaves linger on native trees. The autumn olive is finally deigning to change to yellow. Pine needles make a fresh carpet everywhere, and i look forward to raking them up for mulch over a between row path in the garden that i dug out last week. All the previous mulch had decayed into a rich dark soil.

Snow is predicted this weekend! We wouldn't have known but the stoner* bagger made conversation about the coming snow while incompetently tossing our groceries into bags. I didn't sufficiently look out for the bread as he was doing that. I don't think i realized just how jumbled the bags were. I usually bag for us and i know i can do so well because i know what is in the cart and Christine makes sure like is with like in the cart.

We went out for subs after the groceries and found the shop extremely well staffed by another crown of youths. We were asked by one how our weekend was going. There was a long pause before we made positive sounds, and the youth commented on the long pause before cluing in that the day was Monday. Another youth had not paid attention to the request to go light on the oil and vinegar and my sandwich was soaked and dripping.



I am out of yarn again for my crocheted circle sweater. It just needs a bit more and i'm left wrestling over how to complete it. Find more handspun alpaca like i bought at the farmer's market fiber day on Saturday? It won't be 20% off.

* Christine's label for the youths.

Tags: crochet, morning writing, perpetual calendar

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